It's All About Me Advertising

It's All About Me.

That's right, every product or service out there is about me, myself and I.

At least that's what the marketers want you to believe. It's the core of marketing: sell a product or service that does one of 2 things - Either provide pleasure in some way or relieve pain of some sort.

It's really that basic.

Once you understand the core of advertising, you can understand the mad scramble that is currently taking place in areas such as television, and perhaps the biggest emerging market - the mobile phone industry.

If you have a cell phone, you know how easy they make it for you to download ringtones, wallpapers, screensavers, mp3's and games on your phone. The service providers of Verizon, Sprint, Nextell and Cingular have all made it extremely easy for you to get content that you are interested in.

It's Long Tail marketing at it's best, and it's how the cell phone giants can literally give away pricey phones and services because they know you'll purchase some kind of content to personlize your phone - and that's where they make their millions of dollars.

As it always done, the Adult industry is the leader in content that is downloaded to a cell phone. Since most people consider their cell phone to be "private" and personal, users are more confident in downloading that type of content. Currently, adult searches power 20% of all mobile searches.

So how is all of this related to SEO?

It's about the messaging that appears on the pages you want the user to see. You absolutely have to have the phrase you are targeting on your arrival page, or that user will most likely jump off your site immediately.

Your messaging must immediately convey the fact that your offering will relieve some kind of pain, or provide some type of pleasure for the user if they buy from you. You must always keep the end user in mind when marketing.

Because, it's all about me.

-To your online success!

Paul Bliss