Coin-Op SEO

Ok, anyone who reads any of my articles might see that I have a similar article to this one, called Automatic SEO. But for this article, we are addressing the mentality of how SEO is sometimes perceived.

When you think of anything Coin-Operated, most people think of something that you put money into, and you get a standard result. The system in place doesn't change, regardless of the results.

So, if you purchase "Coin-Op" seo services from some place, that firm may just have a set list of action items they perform to your site when you sign the contract.

While there are some things that all seo companies should do for your site, do they all:

  • Make any changes to your title tags?
  • Add or modify any meta tags?
  • Create sitemap(s), one for the site, the other for search engines?
  • Suggest any file name changes?
  • Address the site architecture?
  • Ensure the proper error handling measures are in place?
  • Make sure the keyphrases are present throughout all levels of the site?
Not all seo firms will do all these things, and there are some companies that will do more. But, as a defining measure of the company you have selected to perform your internet marketing, they should have some type of checklist to make sure the above items are addressed.

Just some thing to think about.
-To your online success!

Paul Bliss