Hollywood vs Google

It's on.

Everyone knows the impact Google has had on both the Internet world and the real world. With Google trying to actively list and maintain all the touch points to any piece of information, it only makes sense that Hollywood would have issues with Google and the other search engines.

People want information and access to anything instantly. Google feeds this desire by returning blazingly fast results anytime someone enters a query into the site. It's from this ability to be only one click away from a competitor is what frightens Hollywood so much.

With the click of a mouse, I could download the latest movie in the theaters - with minimal chance of getting caught - and while the quality and convenience is not to the same level as a dvd release, if I am looking for free entertainment, it's easily available.

Hollywood needs to embrace the new technology and it's ability to deliver what the people want. Imagine walking out of a theater with a fantastic movie you just watched, and waiting for you was a representative from the studio with that exact movie you just watched available on dvd. $20 on the spot, and you have a top-quality version of the movie.

There is a delicate balance that must be determined because currently, dvd sales are what can turn a clunker in the theaters to a money maker in post release.

Hollywood also needs to figure out a way to let the consumer order a movie over the Internet via streaming, or even if I wanted to order a movie through my TiVo. They need to create an encryption technology that allows for only 1 copy to be made, and even have something that subtly alerts a viewer that the product they are watching has been copied. This marking technology is already in place for dvd screeners that the studio releases.

At a certain interval, there is a specific series of lights (that usually form a letter or number) which identifies to whom the screener was released to. This way if that copy gets on the Internet, they not only have a quick reference point, but can also have a starting point as to how that movie got pirated.

Another thing that Hollywood needs to consider is the technology used to display it's products:
Film and a silver screen as seen through a dusty projector. While the film enthusiast in me absolutely loves the look and feel of seeing a movie in the theater, there is a huge segment of customers who purposely wait until the movie comes out on dvd simply because they have a better looking and better sounding system at home to watch the movie with!

Hollywood had really begun to reach it's commercial end by allowing for traditional advertising before a movie plays. While I fully understand and recognize why it's being done (Russell Crowe ain't cheap!), it REALLY takes away from the movie experience. I fully expect to see trailers for upcoming movies - but not commercials. That's what television is for.

By including commercials before a movie gets played, they have connected the movie experience to that of watching the boob tube.

It's in all of this that Hollywood and Google should get together and create a solution that is amicable to everyone involved. There will always be bootleggers - that is a given. But if you can reduce the number of illegal downloads and copies being marketed, the studio can keep more of it's money used to get people to see their films in the first place.

The search engines provide value, and Hollywood provides the experience. Marrying the two would create an instantaneous feeling of overwhelming satisfaction for the new age user.

Remember, "It's All About ME".

-To your online success!

Paul Bliss